In the stress of an interview it can be easy for your mind to go blank, which is why it’s so important to do interview prep beforehand . Practicing common interview questions can give you a strong foundation to build from during the interview, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll be the questions you practiced specifically. The only question that you can be certain will be asked is: What questions do you have?

There are many things that you might want more information on regarding a potential place of employment, though not all of them are the most tactful to bring up in an interview (like when you can book in your first holiday, for example), and asking questions not only gives you a better idea of the job, it also helps you seem enthusiastic and attentive.

Below are types of questions to ask that not only make sure you come out of the interviewed more informed, but will help you to make a good impression as well. 

General questions

It may seem like a good start to ask about the company but be careful how you phrase it. Asking questions at the interview that you could’ve gotten answers to by searching the company online may give the impression that you don’t care enough about the role to do any research of your own. Instead try to phrase the question in terms of matters that you can’t find out about without inside information.


What are the company’s plans for the future?

What are the least enjoyable aspects of the role?

Fitting In

Make sure to account for factors that could affect the way you as an individual work. Things such as the size of the team, the general company culture, and greater detail on the job role, such as the day to day tasks. Questions like this can be a nice way into explaining how you work and can demonstrate good self-management.


How many people are in the team I’d be working with?

Can you tell me more about the work culture here?

On the Spot Questions

Although memorizing or making a list of questions ahead of time can demonstrate that you’re not only keen but also organized, this time can also be an ideal opportunity to build rapport and demonstrate that you’ve been listening closely by asking questions based on the interview itself? Think about any new information you’ve learnt throughout the interview and then ask the interview to expand on it e.g. You mentioned that…Could you tell me any more?

Industry Specific Questions

Asking questions that are specific to the role you’ve applied for highlights your knowledge and experience. If you’re feeling like you’ve made a connection with the recruiter, you could even ask to talk more about you’ve done things in the past.


How do you handle…?

Can I tell you more about how I…?

Write Them Down

Once you’ve decided on the questions you want to ask during the interview, make a note of them to look at before the interview or even get them out during if you really can’t remember them; it’s better to look prepared but flustered than just clueless.

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