From giving the impression you’re only interested in the job as a steppingstone to better things, to revealing that you’ve not done the bare minimum of research, there are some questions that you should definitely not ask in an interview. Read on to find out what questions to avoid.

What does your company do?

If you’ve managed to get through an entire interview at a company without picking up what it is that they do, either you’ve not been paying attention, or you’ve panicked and asked the first question that comes to mind. To avoid coming across like you don’t know what’s going on, do some prep before the interview, and possibly even write down some questions beforehand.

How quickly can I get promoted?

Asking about other jobs before you’ve even landed this one gives the impression that you’re not that interested in the job you’re currently applying for. It may be that you’re trying to show ambition, but it can give the impression that you’re looking for a better offer and might leave if you get one.

Can I move into other areas of the business?

Just like asking about promotions asking about other positions in the company suggests you’re not serious about the job you’re applying for. Although you may be trying to come across as eager by implying that you’d like to work there no matter the position, it’s more likely to make you look disinterested.

How long do I need to work here before taking a paid personal or sick day? How much sick pay do I get?

Even if it’s just simple curiosity, it sounds though you’re already calculating how soon you could get time off, and will lead the interviewer to making negative associations with you. Aim to ask questions that are positive and productive.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t be asking in an interview, take some time to plan some questions that will give a give impression. Read our post on What to Ask in an Interview to get some ideas.

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