Here at Better Together  we can offer a broad spectrum of services that are tailored to your needs and staffing requirements at fees that are affordable. Our past experience helps us achieve our future objectives and how we shape them is determined by using this knowledge to help improve the lives of others.

We feel that understanding the fundamental dynamics of any job opportunity, can pave the way to secure employment for our candidates in any sector. Nevertheless this still poses the above question, what is more important to your company, the skill base of an employee or the personality match that promotes a good working environment.

Of course there are those roles such as Engineering, I.T and some Public Sector functions that demand a certain level of accreditation to be qualified at working in those areas, so in short we are looking for a combination of both, albeit that the majority of recruiters tend to perceive the personality fit is more important to them.

Either way Better Together RM can offer Skills and Psychometric Testing, that can be supported by on-going Training and Advice to new and existing employees placed at your company by us.

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