Icon-newsWednesday  29th March 2017                                                  Not Just A CV Search!

Instead of hiring your own staff just by doing a CV search, why not come through an agency like us?

Here at Better Together Resource Management we do not give our clients candidates that we have only done a CV search on; we manage the full recruitment process from start to finish.

  •  Receiving Job Specification
  •  Identifying Candidates
  •  Preview And Pre-screen
  •  5 Years Reference Check
  •  Registration
  •  Industry Specific Testing
  •  Interview
  •  Interview
  •  Validation And Review
  •  Job Offer

           By us doing this we can take the stress of finding new staff off your mind and into our capable hands.

                   The full recruitment process is free until you take one of our candidates on!

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for companies ...

  • over 20 years industry experience
  • over 1,000 registered candidates

for employees ...

  • get help & advice with your jobs search
  • over 1,000 jobs available in 12 sectors