During an interview an employer is there to judge more than just your skills and experience; by the interview stage people without the right experience will already have been cut.

At this stage setting yourself apart relies on your personality and enthusiasm. No one wants to hire an employee who doesn’t really want to be there, which is why we’ve put together these tips on how to show that you’re serious about getting the position.

 Show Up Early:

An interview gives an employer the opportunity not only to go into more details of your knowledge and experience, but to give them a sense of how you’d behave in the workplace. If you can’t make the effort to show up on time for an interview, how do they know you would if you got the job?

Prepare Questions Ahead of Time:

Having nothing to ask in an interview can ruin an interviewer’s impression of you just as the interview is ending. Not only does it suggest you aren’t quick witted enough to think of anything to say, but it also shows you didn’t care enough to prepare or do any research.

Send a Thank You Email:

As well as thanking the interviewer in person at the end of the interview, it’s also important to send an email afterwards thanking them for their time and for giving you the opportunity. Try to make it personal and send it by the end of the day at the latest.

You can’t prepare or plan too much for an interview.

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