At Better Together we want to help you put your best foot forward at every stage of the interview process, so here are 5 simple tips to get your CV off to a good start:

  1. Include your contact details: Including your phone number and email address ensures potential employers can contact you for interviews etc.
  2. Give a general location: It can be useful to give potential employers an idea of where you live so they can tell that you’re in the area of the job but don’t include your full address, just a town or city name should be enough.
  3. Spell check your CV: Make sure to read through for spelling and grammar mistakes before sending your CV off. Common spelling mistakes are easy to make but leave a bad first impression. It can be useful to get someone else to read through your CV as well, to get a fresh perspective.
  4. Order your work experience chronologically: Your most recent work experience should come first and your earliest work experience last. As probably the most important section of your CV, make sure that it’s clear and easy to read.
  5. Less is more: It’s better to leave irrelevant information out than to overcrowd your CV, for example adding a hobbies and interests section can make you seem more approachable, but unless they’re relevant to the job it probably won’t influence the employer’s decision.

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