The Problem

Sales is an ever-changing and aggressive sector that unfortunately influences high attrition levels, but to find internal and field sales candidates in an industry that felt the impact of the recessionĀ more so than others, was a difficult task.

Our Approach

In a market that has seen a distinct transition from the norm, we looked to change our clients perception of whether industry related experience was in fact right for the new look sales team. We did this through drawing on our own experiences in sales and what worked for us as managers, albeit within a different industry setting.

The Solution

To concentrate on the fundamental function of the role and then break that down into the psychometrics of the existing team. What was important was the personality match, thus emphasised in the competency based interviewing we carried out to determine, self-motivation, drive, passion and ambition to succeed, rather than what their knowledge was of our clients products which can be gained thorough training.

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