Corporate Social Responsibility is how a business gives back to the community, and at Better Together putting people over quick profits is our PHILOSOPHY which moulds our CORE BELIEFS & VALUES.

Better Together sets itself apart from other recruitment companies by adhering to the belief that recruitment involves more than just placing people in jobs, we also want to help people to develop their skills and grow as part of a team in their new job; meaning the right fit is essential to their well-being.

Unemployment is a problem that can affect all levels of a community, and cause people to feel isolated and forgotten. At Better Together we provide a helping hand to individuals who need support with interviews, communication, numeracy and literacy skills, as well as CV writing.

In addition to providing employment opportunities, Better Together invests in the local community, by sponsoring the local Alfreton Town Juniors football club. These are our fans and local employees of the future, this means giving local kids a chance to develop lifelong skills is paramount to their individual development and success of our local community’s commerce.



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